Some Memories Are Best Left Forgotten

“Our mistakes as parents become the burden of our children.”

When Ricky O’Connell was nine years old he murdered his grandmother with a shattered bottle of Jack Daniels while she slept.

Nobody knows why. Not even Ricky.

Forty-two years later and Ricky still believes himself to be that little boy. The face of the man in the mirror is a stranger he’s never known.

Doctors at Pinebrook Mental Hospital, desperate to help Ricky confront the suppressed memories locked away in his fractured mind, perform a radical new therapy that will reveal the secrets buried on that fateful night. But at what cost?

Some memories are better left forgotten.


“Sins of the Father” is very craftily written. It seems to lead you in a particular direction and it is only in the final few pages that you reach the brilliantly hidden, and stunning conclusion.”

Shauna Dean


“Anthony Vicino has a knack for description – he paints sharp, jagged pictures with his words. His short story, Sins of the Father, is a “page-turner” as the saying goes.”

Bill Ectric


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