A New World In Every Choice

Every Choice Is A New World

Hari and Gerald tore a hole in space and time. It’s a small hole, but it’s a big problem. A pinprick to a new Dimension. Too small for either Hari or Gerald to fit through, but it looks pretty. They’re about to learn that pretty things can be very dangerous.

Ryol, Ambassador to the Lenoreans, must investigate the Rift on behalf of the Alliance. What she finds there could usher in the destruction of every world she’s ever known.

Time is running out for the Lenoreans to find more of the precious energy source that powers their world. Perched upon the brink of calamity their fate is inextricably tied with Earth’s. Now, with the fate of both worlds in her hands, Falia must decide which planet to save.


“I raced through this novella and was wanting more when it came to the end: more about Keepers and Healers and First Engineers, the alien society, their technology and their world alliance. A novella doesn’t give the author much time to develop his or her characters, but Mr. Vicino did a cracking job. He gave me a tantalizing taste of a future world, and I hope Parallel leads to a full length novel.”

N.A. Granger



“Vicino’s unique writing style is well present here, though it does not deter from a strong plot line. I found myself laughing on quite a few occasions, including the first lines of the book, and completely mesmerized in others.”

Ana Silva

Book Blog Reviewer

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For Special Agent Kaelyn Kwon, Blinking means living with one foot in the past and one foot in the present.

Torn between memories of what was, and what could have been, she must use her power to decide what is yet to be.


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