Robert has been haunted by the mystery of his father’s murder for years. Now, new clues will emerge, leading him on a thrilling chase through a web of lies and deceit to uncover a secret worth killing for.

Robert thinks he’s prepared for the truth, but he’s not. Not at all.

Bonus Short Story


A man has been sitting at the bus stop outside Marcus’ house for a couple hours now, and shows no sign of getting on any form of public transportation that grumbles past.

Marcus, intent on discovering the man’s purpose, goes into spy mode and stalks the stalker. But when the truth is revealed, Marcus might just wish he’d stayed home after-all.


“A fast paced rewind to an ironic beginning. An Excellent Read!”

Kim Magennis


“This was a headlong dash through something gritty and twisting. I got a little antsy at points, which was perfect. The end was such a jaw dropping bombshell. So well written. The language is precise and real, the structure of the story is immaculate. Do it again, sir!”

Abigail Graves


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