Confession time: I love audiobooks. They’re a fantastic alternative to dragging your eyeballs across an electronic screen, or a sheet of dead tree sprinkled with bits of black ink. Problem is:

Audiobooks are crazy expensive.

After having gone through the production process to bring Time Heist into existence as an audiobook, I now understand why. Production costs include so many variables that getting a high quality audiobook on a measly budget is darn near impossible. As a result, ten hour long books such as Time Heist retail at around $24!


Now, don’t get me wrong, I like to think it’s totally worth that. But, did you know, there are ways to get it for under $5? Yeah, I stumbled upon this myself not too long ago. The trick is to buy the ebook first from Amazon and then you can take advantage of a special sale price of the audiobook. For Time Heist, all told, you can get the ebook and audibook for under $5.

That’s a great deal, but I want to go one step further.

I want to give you the Time Heist Audiobook for FREE!

ebook Time Heist - 1875x2500 pix 300dpi

So, I’ve set up a little Rafflecopter giveaway with the idea of giving away 5 FREE audiobooks along with another 5 FREE ebooks.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The contest will only run through the weekend, so if you want to win a prize, you’d better sign up today.

Want to better your chances of winning? Easy. Get more bonus entries into the giveaway by blogging or tweeting about this giveaway. Or just follow me on Facebook or Twitter for a quick and easy bonus entry.

Winners will be chosen on Monday night. Audiobook winners will be gifted a copy of Time Heist through Audible. Winners of the ebook will be gifted a copy through Amazon.

Alright,  folks! Comment and share to better your chances of reigning victorious in this winner-take-all-battle-royale! (Actually, that’s not true. I will not be awarding one person 5 copies of the same book. So, more accurate would be to say 5 winners-take-all-battle-royale!)

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