Top 7 Short Stories of 2015

So some of you may or may not already know that earlier this month it was announced I’d be joining The Leighgendarium to write one or two Indie oriented reviews per month. Well, yesterday I decided to start it off with a bang and do a “Top-7 short stories... read more

Spectrum Books Interviews Moi!

SPECTRUM BOOKS INTERVIEW Nadine Matheson from Spectrum Books was kind enough to sit down for an interview with me recently. We chat about Time Heist‘s peculiar birth, the writing process, influential peeps in my life, and what projects I have on the horizon.... read more

Top 5 Books of 2015

I like to think I’m showing up fashionably late to the “Top 5 of 2015” party. Then again, a lot of you are already blitzed out of your mind and laying haphazardly strewn across every plushy and hardwooded surface imaginable, so I might just be... read more

The State of MY Union…

It’s about a month since I last posted anything here (and about two months since I posted anything particularly substantial in the way of a review or article). Some of you have reached out, concerned that I finally drowned away all my sorrows at the bottom of a... read more

12 Days of Christmas Interview!

CLICK HERE FOR THE INTERVIEW!! Recently I sat down with Preston Leigh from the Leighgendarium to answer some awesome Christmas related questions. Not only that, but I’m giving away FREE copies of Time Heist and Purgatory to everybody who leaves a comment over... read more

Time Heist Audiobook is HERE!

CLICK HERE for Time Heist Audiobok! Rejoice, people! The long awaited Time Heist audiobook is finally here! Thanks to everybody for their patience, I know I’ve been saying “It’s coming, it’s coming,” for awhile now. But alas it’s... read more

Uncanny Valley

Been taking a break from the blogging recently so I can plow through Mind Breach, Augment, and Infinity Lost, so please don’t think I’ve abandoned you to the cyber-wild. Here’s a cool short film to keep you entertained in my absence! Also, my buddy... read more

Purgatory Release Day!

Psst…hey, hey you. Yeah, you. Come over here. I have something to tell you. No, just trust me, come closer. It’s best if I whisper this seductively in your ear? What’s that? Did I say seductively? No, of course not, that’s weird. Stop inching... read more

[Short Film] The Gunfighter

Came across this video during one of my “research” sprees into biodomes. Don’t ask me how that search brought me here, it just did. Now watch and enjoy. This movie is hilarious!... read more

[REVIEW] Going Dark – Linda Nagata

A couple quick things: CLICK HERE for my review of Linda Nagata’s Going Dark! Forgot to mention I recently reviewed Going Dark, the thrilling conclusion to Linda Nagata’s The Red trilogy, for SF Signal. This series was a real gem throughout, though I had... read more

Purgatory Available For Pre-Order

It’s official: My latest short story, Purgatory, is finally available for pre-order over on the Amazon. It’s only $0.99 so what’re you waiting for? Pop on over while it’s still fresh in your mind, grab a copy, and then sit back and wait with... read more

Time Heist Coming Soon to Audio!

I alluded to this a couple months back, but have been playing it fairly close to the vest since. Well, we’re officially in the homestretch and in just a couple days Time Heist will be available as an audiobook. Pretty cool, huh? The whole process has been... read more

What Sense 8 Can Teach Us About Characterization!

I’ve got to get something off my chest. Earlier this year I wrote a blog post about 5 Reasons Mr. Robot is the Best Show on T.V.. But I have to confess…there’s a new love in my life. It’s a little show called… *drum roll* *more drum roll*... read more

[Interview] Linda Nagata

CLICK HERE FOR LINDA NAGATA INTERVIEW AT SFSIGNAL! A couple months back I got turned onto a little military sci-fi number called The Red by Linda Nagata. This book was a real highlight of 2015 for me, ’cause it did a number of things amazingly well. I’ve... read more

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