Giving Away 3 Copies of Time Heist!

We’ll keep this short and sweet my fellow bookaphiles (<– pretty sure that’s a thing). I’m giving away digital copies of Time Heist to the first three people to pop over to Amazon and sign-up! That’s right. Time is of the essence.... read more

Finding Your Author Voice (Writing Workshop)

Fasten your seatbelts, Buckaroos! Today we’re talking about voice (or perhaps more specifically, STYLE), which is a slippery eel of a topic if ever there were one, so we’re gonna have to come at it all sneaky like from a couple different angles and hopefully one of... read more

The Power of Voice

Barbara from the Reading Experience blogged about the power of voice and how it can make all the difference for a reader. She goes through and mentions some of her favorite “voice” authors (and you know, might have mentioned somebody we both know. *cough... read more

Cyberpunk Ain’t Dead…It’s Just Really Sleepy.

If you’ve ever read one of my stories, you’ve probably figured out by now that I’m pretty in love with cyberpunk. The interplay between society, individual freedom, and technology is a source of infinite material. A playground I could romp around in, shoving small... read more

Get the Brilliance Trilogy for $5 a book!

I’ve been dead to the world this last week ’cause my lady and I have been shoulder deep in a cross country move. At the moment, I write to you from the world’s largest Starbucks which you might be surprised to learn resides in Sioux Falls, South... read more

Time Heist Gets Its 50th Review from!

CLICK HERE FOR THE REVIEW! So, Time Heist just got its 50th review on Amazon and this seems like one of those times I should just stop what I’m doing and say a big thank you to everybody who’s invested their time and energy into reading and/or reviewing my... read more

[REVIEW] Ancillary Mercy by Anne Leckie

CLICK HERE TO READ FULL REVIEW AT SF SIGNAL! Anne Leckie’s Imperial Radch series has been one of the hottest SFF topics in the last couple years. After Ancillary Justice stormed on the scene to win the Hugo (and pretty much every other notable award to boot),... read more

3 Fantasy Series You Must Read!

In a lot of circles I’m known as the science fiction guy. No surprise considering most everything I’ve published to date qualifies as science fiction, but I’ve got a dirty little secret… you ready for it? I think of myself as a Fantasy writer.... read more

Giving Away 5 FREE Time Heist Audiobooks (and 5 FREE Ebooks!)

Confession time: I love audiobooks. They’re a fantastic alternative to dragging your eyeballs across an electronic screen, or a sheet of dead tree sprinkled with bits of black ink. Problem is: Audiobooks are crazy expensive. After having gone through the... read more

Augment Cover Reveal!

This poor project has had the absolute worst luck in getting finished. I began it last Spring while an early draft of Mind Breach was in the hands of my Alpha reader as a short story simply known as “3 Days After“. That story concluded at roughly 30,000... read more

Extant Release Day!

Hey Everybody!! It’s the day you’ve all been awaiting with eager anticipation, sweaty palms, and trembling knees: EXTANT re-release day has finally arrived!!! Wait, what do you mean those aren’t sweaty palms? Their just wet because you forgot to dry... read more

Extant Cover Reveal and Preorder!

Back in October I was honored to have my story (Extant) included in Samuel Peralta’s best-selling short story anthology, The Time Travel Chronicles. It’s a fast-paced action-adventure with some time-manipulating secret agents fighting to save the world. It... read more

Best Books of January 2016

Well, we’re already a month deep into 2016 and so far so… uh… good? I mean, overlooking that whole David Bowie, Alan Rickman thing… Too soon? Yeah, too soon. To take my mind off all the tragic losses 2016 has thus far slung our way, I dove into... read more

Martha’s Bookshelf Giving Away Free Copies of Time Heist!

  Martha’s Bookshelf has just reviewed the Time Heist audiobook and is giving away 3 FREE copies of the ebook and 1 FREE copy of the audiobook.   “The primary characters are intense and strongly flawed. The addiction aspects are interesting even... read more

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