Anthony Vicino is the Amazon Best-Selling author of The Firstborn Saga (Time Heist and Mind Breach). His stories have been read by millions of fans the world over, having appeared in the hallowed halls of The Future Chronicles, the Hugo Award winning pages of SFSignal, and the locally-famous OneLazyRobot.com.

Anthony is a humble world-slinger just trying to keep his writing hand warm in the frozen tundra of Minneapolis, MN. When he isn’t shivering and/or sitting in front of a computer screen contemplating all the different ways his character might escape the asylum with nothing but a fork, a shoelace, and a whole lot of chutzpah, Anthony is probably in the mountains climbing a rock.

Vicino writes the sort of whizz, bang, boom science fiction that features characters getting themselves into (and then out of) death-defying scenarios with an over-abundance of snark and questionable decision making.

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In addition to fiction, Anthony writes book reviews, interviews some of the coolest SFF authors around, and gives general writing advice over at OneLazyRobot.com. Also, he’s a Top Writer at Medium in the categories of Productivity, Creativity, Psychology, and Inspiration.

– Starting Out –

I tell stories. It’s a compulsion. Sometime during my awkward High School years my Dad (probably having grown tired and frightened of the wild hand gesticulations I use to tell stories orally) got me Stephen King’s On Writing, and started paying me ten cents per word for any short stories I’d write and sign over to him. He had his eye on the long con. A small investment with the hopes that I’ll actually amount to something someday.

Those stories will never be worth the paper their printed on cause at the time I was thinking, “Hells yeah, paid by the word? Adverbs are my friend!” My stories back then lacked any semblance of a plot, unless you count the one where I blatantly ripped off, without knowing it, Stephen King’s Misery.



Okay, so any writer worth their stripes knows that adverbs, like herpes, are for the most part a bad thing. Took me nearly a decade to learn that lesson. Took me a long time to learn a bunch of lessons, but here we are.

I write Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller, Romance… you name it, I’ll write it. Because genre is really just a vehicle, isn’t it? At the root of it all, stories are about people and their motivations. Exploring that, getting into the head of a complete stranger for 300 pages, is what reading is all about for me.

But it has to be fun! If it’s not fun, I want nothing to do with it. So I throw a healthy dose of lasers, aliens, bombs, and broken hearts into the mix, cause I’m cruel like that.

If you like tough love then I think we’re gonna get along just fine.

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Anthony Vicino

– Works –


  • Time Heist (Firstborn Saga Book 1)—November, 2014
  • Mind Breach (Firstborn Saga Book 2)—November, 2017


  • Sins of the Father—November, 2014
  • Standing Kill Orderlies—November, 2014
  • Extant—The Time Travel Chronicles—August, 2015
  • Purgatory—Fall, 2015
  • The Watchmaker’s Daughter—Fall, 2018
  • Home—Fall, 2018


  • Infinity Lost (Firstborn Saga Book 1.5)Fall, 2015
  • ParallelNovember, 2014
  • Augment—Coming Spring 2018


  • Time Travel Chronicles: ExtantAugust, 2015


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