Reading Experience Blog Reads Pretty Much Everything I’ve Written in the Span of 2 Days!

Reading Experience Blog Reads Pretty Much Everything I’ve Written in the Span of 2 Days!

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Reviews are like mana to a writer. We live alone on a creaky boat of self-doubt, floating in a sea frothing with uncertainty, lingering fears of inadequacy, and crippling carpal tunnel. Not to mention our copilot, the good for nothing internal editor, keeps whispering in our ears, “Just stop fighting it…give up…”

So it’s nice to get feedback every now and again reminding us that we aren’t alone and that all our work isn’t for naught. It’s like a lighthouse blipping out some Morse Code from shore: Everything’s fine. You’re doing good. Don’t panic.

Today’s little pick me up comes from a writer/reviewer named Barbara who managed to consume my entire Starter Library (3 books which you can get for free just by signing up for my NEWSLETTER) plus Purgatory in the span of 2 days. She wrote up a lovely little blog-post over at Reading Experience (CLICK HERE!) which I highly recommend you go check out, which yes, is entirely self-serving on my part. Deal with it. This is my blog and sometimes it’s okay to do self-serving things. 🙂

Anyways, I just wanted to say thanks to Barbara and everybody else who’s ever taken the time to read and review one of my stories. It means a lot to me, especially at times like these when I’ve been mired in deep editing Mind Breach.

On a separate note, look, Purgatory is holding it down at number #23 on Amazon’s Hot New Releases. Woot. Go grab a copy for only $0.99.

purgatory best seller

Alright, enough out of me! Have a lovely Sunday everybody



Time Heist Audiobook is HERE!

Time Heist Audiobook is HERE!

ebook Time Heist - 2820x4500 pix 300dpi

CLICK HERE for Time Heist Audiobok!

Rejoice, people! The long awaited Time Heist audiobook is finally here! Thanks to everybody for their patience, I know I’ve been saying “It’s coming, it’s coming,” for awhile now. But alas it’s here, and I’m really excited to share it with ya’ll. Adam Verner, the narrator, did a fantastic job; I think you’re gonna like it.

So how do you get your hands on a copy? Good question! The audiobook will be available on Amazon and Itunes in the coming days, but for now you can go grab a copy at CLICK HERE!

Now, I know audiobooks can be a bit pricey, so I want to share with you two ways you can get a FREE copy of the audiobook.

First, sign up for a FREE 30 day membership at and you’ll get a FREE download. Might I recommend using said download on Time Heist? Yes, yes, I might.

Second, sign up for my NEWSLETTER where I’ll be giving away 10 FREE copies in the coming weeks.

Alright, enough out of me. Go grab a copy of Time Heist!

Uncanny Valley

Uncanny Valley

Been taking a break from the blogging recently so I can plow through Mind BreachAugment, and Infinity Lost, so please don’t think I’ve abandoned you to the cyber-wild. Here’s a cool short film to keep you entertained in my absence! Also, my buddy Ernie Luis just did an interview with the Leighgendarium. Head on over there and sign up for a chance to win a copy of his book Alternate (if you’ve never read anything from Luis, you should. He’s a phenomenal talent!)

Purgatory Release Day!

Purgatory Release Day!

Psst…hey, hey you. Yeah, you. Come over here. I have something to tell you.

No, just trust me, come closer. It’s best if I whisper this seductively in your ear?

What’s that? Did I say seductively? No, of course not, that’s weird. Stop inching away and giving me those worried eyes. Come back here!

Okay, fine. You stay over there and I’ll just shout it across the cyber-room. Whatever. Party pooper.

You ready? Here’s the really cool, awesome announcement I was going to whisper wetly into your ear canal.

Purgatory has officially landed!



What do you mean, ‘Is that it?’ What more could you possibly want?

Sheesh, talk about high standards.

Anyways, enough shenanigans. Here’s the deal. My newest short story, Purgatory, is finally available at Amazon for only $0.99. It’s a metaphysical, part sci-fi, part fantasy, conspiracy thriller with a romantic twist. Don’t believe me? Here’s the blurb!

Together Beyond Death

As a Daydreamer for Imagine Nation, Jarek creates far flung adventures across space and time in his mind’s eye for others to experience vicariously through their neural prostheses. Sometimes he fights space dragons, other times he divesto the bottom of Alear’s deepest ocean and discovers what sorts of monsters lurk in the planet’s darkest recesses. But when his wife (aide to President Rance Mard) uncovers a conspiracy to tap into the limitless power supply of ancestors who have passed onto the spirit realm, Jarek soon discovers that the most horrible monsters are far worse than anything he could ever have imagined.

Don’t lie, you’re intrigued. I see you squinting constipatedly. (<— fun new word of the day!)

Now, I know this is coming on the tail end of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so you’re probably a little cash strapped. So, allow me to make today into Thrifty Tuesday! If you want to earn yourself a FREE Review Copy of Purgatory, here’s what you got to do. Sign up for my NEWSLETTER. You’ll receive a Welcome email which you’ll want to respond to with the word, PURGATORY Review Copy! Then, like magic, I’ll send you a FREE review copy of Purgatory.

Simple enough, right?

Alright, folks. I hope everybody had a wonderful Turkey Day last week. Stay warm this winter season, don’t get trampled by any turtles, and pop on over to Amazon to pick up your next reading adventure!

<End Transmission>

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